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What's Happening!!

What's Happening!!

Raj, Dwayne and Rerun are three working-class young men dealing with school life, love and the regular antics of teenagers growing up. They routinely launch get-rich-quick schemes, which regularly go awry. They also have to deal with the interference of Raj's bratty little sister, Dee.

Aug 05, 1976
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The Burger Queen

S01, E06  (First Aired: Nov. 20, 1976)
Rerun's visions of greatness as the official spokesman for a hamburger chain are dampened when Dee steps in and appears to have the job.

Speak for Yourself, Dwayne

S01, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 27, 1976)
Too shy to approach a new girl at school, Dwayne asks Raj to speak for him.

Shirley's Date

S01, E08  (First Aired: Dec. 4, 1976)
The boys' efforts to help Shirley get a man to escort her to a party turn into a comedy of errors.


S01, E09  (First Aired: Dec. 11, 1976)
Raj and Dee plan to spend Christmas without Mama, but a burnt turkey brings the family together.

Puppy Love

S01, E10  (First Aired: Dec. 30, 1976)
Raj takes on a tutoring job in hopes of getting a pedigreed puppy.

The Maid Did It

S01, E11  (First Aired: Jan. 6, 1977)
The boys decide to help out when Mrs. Turner accuses Mama of stealing a diamond ring and fires her.

The Incomplete Shakespeare

S01, E12  (First Aired: Jan. 13, 1977)
After receiving a rejection letter for a TV series script, Raj thinks he's been ripped off when he sees his story on the air.

The Hospital Stay

S01, E13  (First Aired: Jan. 20, 1977)
Dee confronts a grouchy old baseball player in the hospital who hasn't spoken to his daughter for 12 years because she married a white man.

The Sunday Father

S01, E14  (First Aired: Jan. 27, 1977)
Raj tries to avoid telling his mother that he has been expelled from school by conning his father into going to the principal with him.

The Firing Squad

S01, E15  (First Aired: Feb. 10, 1977)
The three boys are upset when Shirley is fired but don't know exactly what they can do.

The Boarder

S01, E16  (First Aired: Feb. 17, 1977)
Mama develops a crush on her ex-husband when she allows him to move in as a boarder.

Dwayne's Dilemma

S01, E17  (First Aired: Feb. 24, 1977)
Dwayne doesn't know what to do when his date's ex-boyfriend threatens him with bodily harm if he takes her out again.

The Tickets

S01, E18  (First Aired: Mar. 3, 1977)
Raj must decide which of his two friends will go to a Stevie Wonder concert with him when he receives two of the expensive tickets as a gift.

What's Wrong With Raj?

S01, E19  (First Aired: Mar. 10, 1977)
Mama and Raj discover Dee breaking into Raj's drawer and reading his private journal.

Nice Guys Finish Last

S01, E20  (First Aired: Mar. 24, 1977)
Mama agrees to let Dee's ex-convict pen pal stay as a houseguest, unaware that she has escaped from prison.

From Here to Maternity

S01, E21  (First Aired: Mar. 31, 1977)
Shirley's pregnant sister decides to put her baby up for adoption.