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Unikitty: Episode Guide

Episode First Aired  
S01, E36 Scary Tales 10/19/2018
S01, E35 Landlord Lord 8/17/2018
S01, E34 Dancer Danger 7/23/2018
S01, E33 Tragic Magic 7/23/2018
S01, E32 Big Pup, Little Problem 7/23/2018
S01, E31 Beach Daze 7/23/2018
S01, E30 Brawl Bot 7/23/2018
S01, E29 Tasty Heist 6/04/2018
S01, E28 Super Amazing Raft Adventure 6/04/2018
S01, E27 Kickflip McPuppycorn 6/04/2018
S01, E26 Inner Beauty of a Chair 6/04/2018
S01, E26 Hawkodile vs. Chair 6/04/2018
S01, E26 Chair 6/04/2018
S01, E25 Unikitty's Exterminator Mech 4/27/2018
S01, E25 Get That Bug! 4/27/2018
S01, E25 Bugging Out 4/27/2018
S01, E24 License to Punch 4/20/2018
S01, E23 R & Arr 4/13/2018
S01, E22 Dinner Apart-y 4/09/2018
S01, E21 Unikitty News! 3/12/2018
S01, E20 Film Fest 3/12/2018
S01, E19 Too Many Unikittys 3/12/2018
S01, E18 The Zone 3/02/2018
S01, E17 Lab Cat 2/23/2018
S01, E16 Birthday Blowout 2/16/2018
Hawkodile's Secret Crush 2/15/2018
S01, E15 Kitty Court 2/09/2018
Monster Alert
Puppycorn and Rock Guy
Shining Mecha Kitty Turbo V
Hide N' Seek Championship
Emergency Party Protocol
Problem Fixy Day
S01, E14 Pet Pet 2/02/2018
S01, E13 Little Prince Puppycorn 1/26/2018
S01, E12 Stuck Together 1/19/2018
S01, E11 Hide n' Seek 1/12/2018
S01, E10 Wishing Well 1/05/2018
S01, E09 Crushing Defeat 1/01/2018
S01, E08 Kitchen Chaos 1/01/2018
S01, E07 Rock Friend 1/01/2018
S01, E07 A Rock Friend Indeed 1/01/2018
S01, E06 Fire & Nice 1/01/2018
S01, E05 Kaiju Kitty 1/01/2018
S01, E04 Action Forest 1/01/2018
Beautiful Day
S01, E03 No Day Like Snow Day 12/01/2017
S01, E02 Sparkle Matter Matters 11/17/2017
Sibling Rivalry
S01, E01 Spoooooky Game 10/27/2017