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The Steve Wilkos Show: Episode Guide

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Episode First Aired  
S11, E56 No title for this episode 12/29/2017
S11, E55 No title for this episode 12/28/2017
S11, E54 No title for this episode 12/27/2017
S11, E53 No title for this episode 12/25/2017
S11, E52 Is He the Father and Is He Gay? 12/22/2017
S11, E51 Explosive Betrayals 12/21/2017
S11, E50 Heartbreaking Crimes Unsolved 12/20/2017
S11, E49 I Thought He Was Faithful Until I Got an STD 12/18/2017
S11, E48 Great Dad or Molester? 11/22/2017
S11, E47 Did You Report Me as a Bad Mom? 11/21/2017
S11, E46 Consensual Threesome or Rape? 11/20/2017
S11, E45 I'm Accused of Molesting a 2-Year-Old 11/17/2017
S11, E44 Mother Accused of Sex With Her Son 11/16/2017
S11, E43 Accused of Deadly Child Abuse 11/15/2017
S11, E42 DNA: Your Child Is Begging You to Love Her 11/14/2017
S11, E41 How Did My 6-Month-Old Get 3rd Degree Burns? 11/13/2017
S11, E40 Did You Beat Up Your Baby? 11/10/2017
S11, E39 DNA: Why Didn't You Tell Him Sooner? 11/09/2017
S11, E38 Accused of Molestation and Murder 11/08/2017
S11, E37 Heinous Crimes Against Children? 11/07/2017
S11, E36 I'm Not Crazy, I Know What I Saw 11/06/2017
S11, E35 He Molested Me and My Daughter 11/03/2017
S11, E34 The Evidence Points to Child Abuse 11/02/2017
S11, E33 DNA: Emotions Out of Control 11/01/2017
S11, E32 Who Burned My 1-Year-Old Son? 10/31/2017
S11, E31 I Didn't Coach My Granddaughter, He Molested Her 10/30/2017
S11, E30 He Raped Me Next to My Baby 10/27/2017
S11, E29 The Disappearance of Relisha Rudd 10/26/2017
S11, E28 It's Finally Time to Tell My Mom I'm Gay 10/25/2017
S11, E27 I Have Pictures of Her With Another Man 10/24/2017
S11, E26 Encore: Did I Spend 4 Years in Prison Because of a Lie? 10/23/2017
S11, E25 I Missed the Birth: Am I the Father? 10/20/2017
S11, E24 Steve Gets Justice for Children 10/19/2017
S11, E23 You're Back With New Accusations? 10/18/2017
S11, E22 I Was a Child, You Raped Me 10/17/2017
S11, E21 He Gave You a Hall Pass: Why Did You Lie? 10/16/2017
S11, E20 Voice of the Victims 10/13/2017
S11, E19 I'm No Molester, She's Making This Up 10/12/2017
S11, E18 One Recording Destroyed Our Family 10/11/2017
S11, E17 Did My Mom Try to Sell Me for Drugs? 10/10/2017
S11, E16 Did You Have Sex With My Niece and Daughter? 10/09/2017
S11, E15 Were You on Heroin While Your Children Were Molested? 10/06/2017
S11, E14 Did You Steal the Money That Got Me Fired? 10/05/2017
S11, E13 I Cheated in Front of My Wife ... She Didn't Stop Me 10/04/2017
S11, E12 If I Fail This Test, I'll Turn Myself In 10/03/2017
S11, E11 Is My Girlfriend Really Done With Men? 10/02/2017
S11, E10 Did Your Boyfriend Shoot You Up and Molest Your Daughter? 9/29/2017
S11, E09 Is Everyone Hiding a Secret? 9/28/2017
S11, E08 Your 4-Month-Old Had 2 Broken Legs ... Did You Do It? 9/27/2017
S11, E07 Steve, I Hope I'm the Father 9/26/2017
S11, E06 Someone Bruised My Baby 32 Times 9/25/2017
S11, E05 Did You Steal From Your Own Family? 9/22/2017
S11, E04 Update: Horrific Child Abuse Caught on Video 9/21/2017
S11, E03 Murder Accusations Chaos 9/20/2017
S11, E02 Did You Turn a Blind Eye While He Abused Your Kids? 9/19/2017
S11, E01 I Don't Want to Believe He Molested My Child 9/18/2017
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