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The Steve Wilkos Show: Episode Guide

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Episode First Aired  
Steve out of the Studio 7/23/2018
S11, E154 Don't Let Lies Destroy Us 7/20/2018
S11, E153 Encore: Did You Turn a Blind Eye While He Abused Your Kids? 7/19/2018
S11, E152 I'm Not a Thief! 7/18/2018
S11, E151 Tell the Truth: Are You Gay? 7/17/2018
S11, E150 Why Did They Take Your Kids Away Again? 7/16/2018
S11, E149 I Know My Brother Had Sex With My Wife 7/13/2018
Brave Kids Speak Out 7/12/2018
S11, E148 Fathers Face Molestation Allegations 7/11/2018
Accused of Theft: Guilty or Innocent? 7/10/2018
S11, E147 DNA: She Hid Her Pregnancy 7/09/2018
S11, E146 Encore: The Disappearance of Relisha Rudd 7/06/2018
S11, E145 I'm Innocent of Child Abuse 7/05/2018
S11, E144 Your Husband Is the Father of My 2 Children 7/04/2018
S11, E143 We Have No Future if You Fail 7/03/2018
Intense Guest Reactions 7/02/2018
S11, E142 Did Your Daughter Suffer Unspeakable Abuse? 6/29/2018
S11, E141 Did My Best Friend Molest My Son? 6/28/2018
S11, E140 Steve, I Can't Keep It a Secret Anymore 6/27/2018
S11, E139 DNA Updates 6/26/2018
S11, E138 The Truth Will Be Revealed Today 6/25/2018
Families Ripped Apart by Secrets and Lies 6/20/2018
Toxic Relationships Turn Violent 6/11/2018
S11, E137 Did You Drug and Molest My Sons? 5/23/2018
S11, E136 She Murdered Her Kids and Killed Herself ... Were You Involved? 5/22/2018
S11, E135 Could My Boyfriend Be so Evil? 5/21/2018
S11, E134 I Testified Against My Dad: I Know He's Guilty 5/18/2018
S11, E133 I Never Committed That Sex Crime 5/17/2018
S11, E132 Are You Poisoning Your Daughter to Make Her Ill? 5/16/2018
S11, E131 Did You Steal My Money to Hide Your Gay Affair? 5/15/2018
S11, E130 You Knew Your Fiance Was Raping Your Daughter! 5/14/2018
S11, E129 Why Did You Fake Your Baby's Death? 5/11/2018
S11, E128 She's a Monster ... Is She My Mother? 5/10/2018
S11, E127 I Thought He Was Perfect ... Did He Commit a Sex Crime? 5/09/2018
S11, E126 DNA: I Was a Victim of Sex Trafficking 5/08/2018
S11, E125 Who Broke This Baby's Bones? 5/07/2018
S11, E124 Part II: I Slept With My Dad's Wife When I Was 15 5/04/2018
S11, E123 I Slept With My Dad's Wife When I Was 15 5/03/2018
S11, E122 I Know You Abused Me: Did You Abuse Our Babies? 5/02/2018
S11, E121 Why Can't She Be Real With Me? 5/01/2018
S11, E120 Accused of Molesting My Nephew and My Son 4/30/2018
S11, E119 My Husband Posted Our Sex Tape for Revenge 4/27/2018
S11, E118 My Mom Thinks I Killed My Baby 4/26/2018
S11, E117 Is Her Mistake Forgivable? 4/25/2018
S11, E116 Steve, I Didn't Molest My Granddaughter 4/24/2018
S11, E115 I Was in a Coma ... Were You Cheating? 4/23/2018
S11, E114 He Raped Me: Is It His Baby? 4/20/2018
S11, E113 I Pled Guilty to Child Abuse so I Could Get High 4/19/2018
S11, E112 You Had Your Chance to Tell the Truth! 4/18/2018
S11, E111 Parents Accused of Molestation 4/17/2018
S11, E110 I Need to Know if She's My Granddaughter 4/16/2018
S11, E109 Steve, She Poisons Me to Cheat 4/13/2018
S11, E108 Prove You Were Really Pregnant 4/12/2018
S11, E107 Bitter Exes Demand DNA Tests 4/11/2018
S11, E106 His Accusations Drove Me to Drugs 4/10/2018
S11, E105 Suspicions of Murder 4/09/2018
S11, E104 Who's the Thief ... Mom or Dad? 4/06/2018
S11, E103 I Don't Believe He's a Molester 4/04/2018
S11, E102 Why Are You Spying On Her at Work? 4/02/2018
S11, E101 Did You Beat Her 3-Year-Old With a Belt? 3/30/2018
S11, E100 He Told Me He Kidnapped and Murdered Her 3/28/2018
S11, E99 Dad, Stop Torturing Mom 3/26/2018
S11, E98 I Can't Put Him on Stage 3/22/2018
S11, E97 She's a Cheater, I Need a DNA Test 3/20/2018
S11, E96 Suspicious Behavior Leads to Accusations 2/28/2018
S11, E95 I Need to Clear My Name of a Sex Crime 2/27/2018
S11, E94 Tormented by Infidelity 2/26/2018
S11, E93 Encore: The Evidence Points to Child Abuse 2/23/2018
S11, E92 The Damage Is Done: Can You Stay Together? 2/22/2018
S11, E91 If I Fail, I Deserve to Go to Jail 2/21/2018
S11, E90 I Waited Years to Be With You -- I Wouldn't Cheat 2/20/2018
S11, E89 How Could You Accuse Me of Killing Our Son? 2/19/2018
S11, E88 Encore: Consensual Threesome or Rape? 2/16/2018
S11, E87 You Know More About My Brother's Death 2/15/2018
S11, E86 My Plan Backfired, Now He Thinks I'm Cheating 2/14/2018
S11, E85 Daughters Accuse Dad of Molestation 2/13/2018
S11, E84 He Put Me in Jail on Christmas Day 2/12/2018
S11, E83 Molestation: I Came to Steve for the Truth 2/09/2018
S11, E82 Racial Violence: They Tried to Hang My 15-Year-Old Son 2/08/2018
S11, E81 Cheating, Pregnancy, and Betrayal 2/07/2018
S11, E80 Child Abuse: You're All Suspects 2/06/2018
S11, E79 Steve, She's Not the Victim Here 2/05/2018
S11, E78 I Think I Saw My Brother Molest My Sister 2/02/2018
S11, E77 Was She Raped? Am I the Father? 2/01/2018
S11, E76 Were You Neglectful or Was It Child Abuse? 1/31/2018
S11, E75 Update: Do You Believe Me Now, Mom? 1/30/2018
S11, E74 You've Broken My Heart for the Last Time 1/29/2018
S11, E73 Mother Accused of Selling Child Porn 1/26/2018
S11, E72 Shocking Admissions of Guilt 1/25/2018
S11, E71 Why Are You Being So Cruel to Him? 1/24/2018
S11, E70 Did You Molest Your Own Child? 1/23/2018
S11, E69 She Hit Me With a Car, but I'm Not Cheating 1/22/2018
S11, E68 Accused of Having a Secret Life 1/19/2018
S11, E67 Shocking Relationships 1/17/2018
S11, E66 Your Family Is Trying to Destroy Us 1/16/2018
S11, E65 Mothers Accused of Life-Threatening Abuse 1/15/2018
S11, E64 Did You Lie About This Crime? 1/12/2018
S11, E63 Steve, Help Me: I Know She's Lying 1/11/2018
S11, E62 Past Guest DNA Updates 1/09/2018
S11, E61 Were You on Drugs and Abusing Your Baby? 1/08/2018
S11, E60 I Know He Cheated: Was It in Our House? 1/05/2018
S11, E59 DNA: Will These Results Change Your Life? 1/03/2018
S11, E58 I Don't Believe My Girlfriend Was Raped 1/02/2018
S11, E57 Did My Husband's Girlfriend Burn Our Baby? 1/01/2018
S11, E56 He Thinks I Had Sex With My Son 12/29/2017
S11, E55 Child Abuse: No One Believes Your Story 12/28/2017
S11, E54 You Hurt Me ... I Got Revenge 12/27/2017
S11, E53 Updates: Justice Served 12/25/2017
S11, E52 Is He the Father and Is He Gay? 12/22/2017
S11, E51 Explosive Betrayals 12/21/2017
S11, E50 Heartbreaking Crimes Unsolved 12/20/2017
S11, E49 I Thought He Was Faithful Until I Got an STD 12/18/2017
S11, E48 Great Dad or Molester? 11/22/2017
S11, E47 Did You Report Me as a Bad Mom? 11/21/2017
S11, E46 Consensual Threesome or Rape? 11/20/2017
S11, E45 I'm Accused of Molesting a 2-Year-Old 11/17/2017
S11, E44 Mother Accused of Sex With Her Son 11/16/2017
S11, E43 Accused of Deadly Child Abuse 11/15/2017
S11, E42 DNA: Your Child Is Begging You to Love Her 11/14/2017
S11, E41 How Did My 6-Month-Old Get 3rd Degree Burns? 11/13/2017
S11, E40 Did You Beat Up Your Baby? 11/10/2017
S11, E39 DNA: Why Didn't You Tell Him Sooner? 11/09/2017
S11, E38 Accused of Molestation and Murder 11/08/2017
S11, E37 Heinous Crimes Against Children? 11/07/2017
S11, E36 I'm Not Crazy, I Know What I Saw 11/06/2017
S11, E35 He Molested Me and My Daughter 11/03/2017
S11, E34 The Evidence Points to Child Abuse 11/02/2017
S11, E33 DNA: Emotions Out of Control 11/01/2017
S11, E32 Who Burned My 1-Year-Old Son? 10/31/2017
S11, E31 I Didn't Coach My Granddaughter, He Molested Her 10/30/2017
S11, E30 He Raped Me Next to My Baby 10/27/2017
S11, E29 The Disappearance of Relisha Rudd 10/26/2017
S11, E28 It's Finally Time to Tell My Mom I'm Gay 10/25/2017
S11, E27 I Have Pictures of Her With Another Man 10/24/2017
S11, E26 Encore: Did I Spend 4 Years in Prison Because of a Lie? 10/23/2017
S11, E25 I Missed the Birth: Am I the Father? 10/20/2017
S11, E24 Steve Gets Justice for Children 10/19/2017
S11, E23 You're Back With New Accusations? 10/18/2017
S11, E22 I Was a Child, You Raped Me 10/17/2017
S11, E21 He Gave You a Hall Pass: Why Did You Lie? 10/16/2017
S11, E20 Voice of the Victims 10/13/2017
S11, E19 I'm No Molester, She's Making This Up 10/12/2017
S11, E18 One Recording Destroyed Our Family 10/11/2017
S11, E17 Did My Mom Try to Sell Me for Drugs? 10/10/2017
S11, E16 Did You Have Sex With My Niece and Daughter? 10/09/2017
S11, E15 Were You on Heroin While Your Children Were Molested? 10/06/2017
S11, E14 Did You Steal the Money That Got Me Fired? 10/05/2017
S11, E13 I Cheated in Front of My Wife ... She Didn't Stop Me 10/04/2017
S11, E12 If I Fail This Test, I'll Turn Myself In 10/03/2017
S11, E11 Is My Girlfriend Really Done With Men? 10/02/2017
S11, E10 Did Your Boyfriend Shoot You Up and Molest Your Daughter? 9/29/2017
S11, E09 Is Everyone Hiding a Secret? 9/28/2017
S11, E08 Your 4-Month-Old Had 2 Broken Legs ... Did You Do It? 9/27/2017
S11, E07 Steve, I Hope I'm the Father 9/26/2017
S11, E06 Someone Bruised My Baby 32 Times 9/25/2017
S11, E05 Did You Steal From Your Own Family? 9/22/2017
S11, E04 Update: Horrific Child Abuse Caught on Video 9/21/2017
S11, E03 Murder Accusations Chaos 9/20/2017
S11, E02 Did You Turn a Blind Eye While He Abused Your Kids? 9/19/2017
S11, E01 I Don't Want to Believe He Molested My Child 9/18/2017
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