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The Steve Wilkos Show: Episode Guide

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Episode First Aired  
S12, E35 No title for this episode 11/02/2018
S12, E34 No title for this episode 11/01/2018
S12, E33 No title for this episode 10/31/2018
S12, E32 No title for this episode 10/30/2018
S12, E31 No title for this episode 10/29/2018
S12, E30 8-Month-Old Kicked to Death: Did You Do It? 10/26/2018
S12, E29 Explosive DNA Drama 10/25/2018
S12, E28 My Dad Was Arrested in an Underage Sex Sting 10/24/2018
S12, E27 Is It Too Late to Confess? 10/23/2018
S12, E26 When I Pass, Let Me See My Son 10/22/2018
S12, E25 Molested by Dad, Abandoned by Mom 10/19/2018
S12, E24 Pregnant After a Week: Am I the Dad? 10/18/2018
S12, E23 I Know My Sister Is a Thief 10/17/2018
S12, E22 I Won't Marry Him Until He Takes the Test 10/16/2018
S12, E21 I Know He Had Sex With My Aunt 10/15/2018
S12, E20 I Put up 12 Cameras, I Finally Caught Her! 10/12/2018
S12, E19 DNA: She Was Only 13 10/11/2018
S12, E18 Child Abuse: Accident or Torture? 10/10/2018
S12, E17 Tested Positive for an STD...Someone Will Fail 10/09/2018
S12, E16 My Brother Stole My Wife, Is He Molesting My Daughter? 10/08/2018
S12, E15 Would She Lie About Being Sexually Assaulted? 10/05/2018
S12, E14 I Called Off the Wedding Until After the Results 10/04/2018
S12, E13 Accused of Child Abuse, I Need to Clear My Name 10/03/2018
S12, E12 When Is the Last Time He Hit You? 10/02/2018
S12, E11 I Survived Being Shot 4 Times: Was I Set Up? 10/01/2018
S12, E10 6-Week-Old Suffered Brutal Abuse 9/28/2018
S12, E09 Prove Me Wrong ... Take the Test 9/27/2018
S12, E08 I Used Social Media to Expose a Bad Mom 9/26/2018
S12, E07 DNA: A Love Triangle Leads to Murder? 9/25/2018
S12, E06 Sex for Money? 9/24/2018
S12, E05 I Want Everyone to Know You're a Rapist 9/21/2018
S12, E04 Steve, Test Her Again ... I Need More 9/20/2018
S12, E03 A Tragic Loss Leaves Unanswered Questions 9/19/2018
S12, E02 These Accusations Have Haunted Me for Years 9/18/2018
S12, E01 Did You Watch Him Torture Your Son? 9/17/2018
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