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The Partridge Family

A widowed mother and her five kids form a band and make a hit record, then travel around the country in a groovy school bus. The comedy contrasts life on the road with the cozy suburban life they return to after the show is over. There's feel-good music, hapless adults, scheming kids and heartthrob teens thrown in for good measure.

Sep 25, 1970
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The Partridge Papers

S02, E22  (First Aired: Mar. 3, 1972)
Laurie's diary falls into the hands of the editor of the school newspaper.

All's War in Love and Fairs

S02, E23  (First Aired: Mar. 10, 1972)
The Partridges perform at an Indian reservation.

Who Is Max Ledbetter ... ?

S02, E24  (First Aired: Mar. 17, 1972)
Keith and Danny are taken in by a psychic's ``trance routine.''.

This Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market

S03, E01  (First Aired: Sep. 15, 1972)
Laurie embarrasses Keith by defending him from the school bully.

`M' Is for the Many Things ...

S03, E02  (First Aired: Sep. 22, 1972)
Shirley gets a speeding ticket on her way to receive a Mother-of-the-Year award.

Princess and the Partridge

S03, E03  (First Aired: Sep. 29, 1972)
Keith escorts a princess around the United States.

Each Dawn I Diet

S03, E04  (First Aired: Oct. 6, 1972)
Reuben and Danny tackle their respective vices.

A Penny for His Thoughts

S03, E05  (First Aired: Oct. 13, 1972)
Laurie's biker friend threatens suicide after his girlfriend turns down his marriage proposal.

Home Is Where the Heart Was

S02, E15  (First Aired: Jan. 7, 1972)
Chris and Tracy decide to run away from home and live with Reuben.

Pin It on Danny

S04, E21  (First Aired: Aug. 17, 1974)
Danny gives Shirley a pin he found, then learns there is a $50 reward.

Fellini, Bergman and Partridge

S02, E16  (First Aired: Jan. 14, 1972)
On a dare, Keith produces a movie starring the Partridges.

You're Only Young Twice

S03, E06  (First Aired: Oct. 20, 1972)
The school psychologist suggests a radical treatment to get to the bottom of Danny's behavioral problems.

The Modfather

S03, E07  (First Aired: Oct. 27, 1972)
Shirley's parents become ``mod'' in an effort to put the zip back into their marriage.

A Likely Candidate

S03, E08  (First Aired: Nov. 3, 1972)
Keith campaigns for a politician who likes Shirley.

Swiss Family Partridge

S03, E09  (First Aired: Nov. 10, 1972)
The Partridges are isolated in a mountain cabin during a record-breaking rainstorm.

Ain't Loveth Grand

S03, E10  (First Aired: Nov. 17, 1972)
Laurie falls for a minister (Tony Geary).

Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge?

S03, E11  (First Aired: Nov. 24, 1972)
A talent scout convinces Keith that he would be perfect for a part in a new movie.

No Episode Title

(First Aired: Sep. 25, 1970)
Shirley Partridge and her five children form a pop band.

Aspirin at Seven, Dinner at Eight

S03, E14  (First Aired: Dec. 15, 1972)
After accepting a date with an old admirer, Shirley later has to figure out how to get rid of him and his mother.

For Whom the Bell Tolls ... and Tolls ... and Tolls

S03, E15  (First Aired: Jan. 5, 1973)
The Partridges and Reuben are held hostage by an escaped convict (Arte Johnson).

Waiting for Bolero

S02, E17  (First Aired: Jan. 21, 1972)
Keith gets his own apartment.

...---... (S.O.S.)

S04, E22  (First Aired: Aug. 24, 1974)
Shirley dates her high-school sweetheart (George Chakiris).

I Am Curious, Partridge

S02, E18  (First Aired: Jan. 28, 1972)
Danny's imagination runs wild when he writes articles about Keith and Shirley for the local newspaper.

No Episode Title

(First Aired: Sep. 25, 1970)
Shirley Partridge and her five children form a pop band.