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The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons

``We're moving on up, to the East Side, to a deee-luxe apartment in the sky ... .'' This spinoff from ``All in the Family'' is about literal upward mobility - African- American couple George and Louise Jefferson move into a swanky high-rise building. George is an obstreperous, often rude guy who thinks his wealth should get him anywhere he wants to go. His wife is more levelheaded and often cuts him down to size when his schemes go awry.

Jan 18, 1975
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My Hero

S07, E15  (First Aired: Feb. 22, 1981)
George basks in the limelight after heroically saving an elderly woman from a mugger.

I Buy the Songs

S07, E16  (First Aired: Mar. 1, 1981)
George is urged to sing a valentine song to Louise.

Small Fish, Big Pond

S07, E17  (First Aired: Mar. 8, 1981)
George exaggerates his financial standing to gain membership in an exclusive businessman's club.

Not So Dearly Beloved

S07, E18  (First Aired: Mar. 15, 1981)
George has to give the eulogy for one of his employees, a man who was universally detested.

Florence's New Job

S07, E19  (First Aired: Mar. 29, 1981)
George goes to great lengths to get a hotel's cleaning business.

Florence's New Job

S07, E20  (First Aired: Mar. 29, 1981)
Florence doubts her executive abilities.

The Separation

S08, E01  (First Aired: Oct. 4, 1981)
Lionel and Jenny's marriage is in trouble.

The Separation

S08, E02  (First Aired: Oct. 11, 1981)
George gets Lionel to see a marriage counselor.

Louise's Father

S08, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 18, 1981)
George thinks the heroic man in a newspaper story may be Louise's supposedly dead father.

My Maid, Your Maid

S08, E04  (First Aired: Oct. 25, 1981)
George and Louise think they've both found the perfect new maid.

George and Louise in a Bind

S04, E25  (First Aired: Feb. 25, 1978)
George and Louise relive some of their most unforgettable and hilarious moments.

How Slowly They Forget

S05, E04  (First Aired: Oct. 11, 1978)
George offers aid in moving the Help Center.

I've Still Got It

S08, E05  (First Aired: Nov. 1, 1981)
When George is convinced that he's no longer attractive, Louise attempts to rekindle the flames of romance in his heart.

The House That George Built

S08, E08  (First Aired: Nov. 29, 1981)
George sets out to create a legacy for himself so he'll be remembered long after he's dead.

Me and Billy Dee

S05, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 4, 1978)
Billy Dee Williams can't convince Florence that he really is who he says he is.

You'll Never Get Rich

S11, E09  (First Aired: Jan. 8, 1985)
George, Louise and Florence go to Atlantic City.

Florence Did It Different

S08, E06  (First Aired: Nov. 8, 1981)
The new maid soon discovers that filling Florence's shoes as the Jeffersons' maid could be impossible.

Florence Did It Different

S08, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 15, 1981)
Florence returns to the Jeffersons expecting her old job back when her shot at a new career fails.

A Whole Lot of Trouble

S08, E09  (First Aired: Dec. 6, 1981)
Louise learns that a ``cold-hearted monster'' is planning to build a business on the site of the only neighborhood playground.

I've Got a Secret

S08, E10  (First Aired: Dec. 20, 1981)
George is dying to find out what Louise writes in her diary every night.

A Charmed Life

S08, E11  (First Aired: Dec. 27, 1981)
George plans a lavish party in order to impress a high society columnist.

Thammy the Thongwriter

S08, E12  (First Aired: Jan. 3, 1982)
George needs a snappy jingle to increase his business, but his jingle writer is depressed and unable to write a word.


S05, E02  (First Aired: Sep. 27, 1978)
Allan, the ``white sheep'' of the Willis family, returns home.


S05, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 4, 1978)
The ``white sheep'' of the Willis family, Allan, returns home.