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The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!: Episode Guide

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Episode First Aired  
S02, E17 The Skin I'm In; Fishy Washy 6/23/2015
S02, E16 Biggest Bird; Drum Di Drum 6/15/2015
A Bird Is a Bird 3/19/2015
Christmas 3/18/2015
In the Ocean 6/27/2014
Seasons in the Forest 6/26/2014
Hot and Cold 6/25/2014
The Rainforest Tree 6/24/2014
Fireflies 6/24/2014
Groundhog Hole 6/23/2014
Sheep and Wool 6/22/2014
Maple Trees and Sap 6/21/2014
Only the Shadow Knows 6/19/2014
Bananas Are Appealing 6/18/2014
Whatever Floats Your Boat 6/16/2014
Snow Day 6/14/2014
Gecko 6/05/2014
Queen Priscilla Buzoo 6/04/2014
Polar Bear Paw 5/18/2014
Rattlesnake's Rattle 5/17/2014
Snowflakes 5/10/2014
Butterfly Feet 4/30/2014
Flamingo 4/27/2014
In the Backyard 4/07/2014
Squid & Octopus 4/05/2014
Armadillo 4/05/2014
Carrot-tastic 4/05/2014
Tutti-Frutti 3/07/2014
S02, E15 Take a Walk; Cotton Patch 3/05/2014
S02, E14 Balancing Act; Marvelous Marbles 3/04/2014
S02, E13 Step This Way; Anything You Can Do 3/03/2014
Step This Way; Anything You Can Do; Name That Sound; Fabulous Feathers 3/03/2014
Paper Chase; A Polar Adventure 9/08/2013
Step This Way; Anything You Can Do 9/04/2013
The Skin I'm In; Fishy Washy; Crab I Used to Be 5/20/2013
Biggest Bird; Drum Di Drum; The Camp Out 5/13/2013
Balancing Act; Marvelous Marbles; The Surprise Party 5/06/2013
Paper Chase; A Polar Adventure; Ruckus the Dog 4/29/2013
Name That Sound; Fabulous Feathers 4/26/2013
Wrapper's Delight; Dive Swim Scoop 4/22/2013
S02, E12 Gorillas in the Nest; Tale of a Dragon 4/17/2013
S02, E11 Little Lemmings; Keep the Beat 4/16/2013
S02, E10 Babies; Fast 4/15/2013
Gorillas in the Nest 4/04/2013
Anything You Can Do 4/03/2013
Step This Way 4/03/2013
S02, E09 Top of the Sky; Jiggle Bones 3/01/2013
Name That Sound 2/01/2013
Fabulous Feathers 2/01/2013
Little Lemmings 1/31/2013
Keep the Beat 1/31/2013
Fast! 1/30/2013
Hello, My Baby 1/30/2013
Tough Enough 1/29/2013
How Cool Is Coral? 1/29/2013
The Last Chocolate 1/28/2013
Manatees and Mermaids 1/28/2013
S02, E08 Rumbly Tumbly; Planet Name Game 1/21/2013
S02, E07 Tough Enough; How Cool Is Coral 1/21/2013
Take a Walk; Cotton Patch; Tickle Me Tail 1/14/2013
Tongue Tied 1/11/2013
Meet the Beetles 1/11/2013
No Night Today 1/10/2013
Fun in the Sun 1/10/2013
Timmy Tippy Toe 1/09/2013
Bounce 1/09/2013
Inside Out 1/08/2013
Hear Here 1/08/2013
Name That Sound; Fabulous Feathers; The Giant Footprints 1/07/2013
Sneezy Riders 1/07/2013
Jumping on the Moon 1/07/2013
S02, E06 Manatees and Mermaids; The Last Chocolate 11/20/2012
Little Lemmings; Keep the Beat; Centipede Sisters 11/19/2012
S02, E05 Meet the Beetles; Tongue Tied 11/19/2012
Hello, My Baby; Fast; Louie the Loon 11/12/2012
The Toughest of All; How Cool Is Coral; Tabitha 2 11/05/2012
S02, E04 Inside Out; Hear Here 9/13/2012
S02, E03 Bounce; Timmy Tippy Toe 9/12/2012
S02, E02 No Night Today; Fun in the Sun 9/11/2012
Inside Out; Hear Here; Egbert the Lovebird 9/10/2012
S02, E01 Jumping on the Moon; Sneezy Riders 9/10/2012
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