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Comcast West Palm Beach /Palm Beach Co. - Digital (33405)

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!: Episode Guide

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Episode First Aired  
The Song Flower Solution; The Hard Weigh 10/14/2018
Batteries Not Included; Checking the Boxes 10/13/2018
The Treehouse Handshake; The Big Pictures 10/07/2018
S03, E17 Mind Changing Fun; Curious Minds 10/06/2018
S03, E16 Back on Track; Enough Is Enough 9/30/2018
S03, E15 The Smart Move; Simply Simple 9/29/2018
Who Can See Wind? 9/28/2018
S03, E14 Cause and Effect; Good Vibrations 9/23/2018
S03, E13 All Sorts of Things; Bubble Trouble 9/22/2018
S03, E12 Bump Bump Bump Around; Snow Difference 9/16/2018
You're It 6/06/2018
S03, E11 You're It; The Holes Story 6/06/2018
Clever Levers 6/05/2018
S03, E10 Clever Levers; Going, Going Gong 6/05/2018
S03, E09 Design Time; A Prize Surprise 6/04/2018
S03, E08 Nick's Cricket; Go With the Flow 3/15/2018
S03, E07 Who Can See the Wind?; Gravity Drop 3/14/2018
Opposites Attract 3/13/2018
S03, E06 Opposites Attract; The Talents of Balance 3/13/2018
S03, E05 The Search for String; Mirror Mirror 3/08/2018
S03, E04 Shadow Play; Play Ball 3/07/2018
S03, E03 Pulling Together; Fact and Friction 3/06/2018
S03, E02 Accidents Happen ... If You're Lucky; Making Waves 3/05/2018
S03, E01 Whatever Floats Your Boat; Building Bridges 3/02/2018
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