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The Burns and Allen Show

Genre: Sitcom

Everyday life in the world of George Burns and Gracie Allen.
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Uncle Harvey's Invention

S04, E14  (First Aired: Jan. 4, 1954)
Gracie's Uncle Harvey invents a plant-food solution with an amazing effect.

Tax Refund

S03, E17  (First Aired: Jan. 29, 1953)
Gracie gets a tax refund in the mail and invites L.A. mayor Fletcher Bowron to the house for dinner to discuss it.

George Reading Play to Be Done in London

S04, E15  (First Aired: Jan. 11, 1954)
Gracie begins making sightseeing plans when she finds George reading a play that will open in London.

Cigarette Girl; Georgie Jessel; Teddy Bear

S03, E18  (First Aired: Feb. 5, 1953)
Gracie becomes suspicious when she hears that a man named George generously tipped a cigarette girl.

Perry & Pete; Gracie's Cousins; Sneak Thieves

S03, E35  (First Aired: Jul. 13, 1953)
Gracie unknowingly offers lodging to two burglars.

Gracie Doing a Picture Without George

S03, E36  (First Aired: Jul. 20, 1953)
Gracie misinterprets the message in an old telegram.

Trip to New York

S03, E37  (First Aired: Jul. 27, 1953)
A vacation trip to New York hits a snag when Gracie wants the Mortons to join them.

Gracie Sees a Hold-Up; Johnny Velvet

S03, E38  (First Aired: Aug. 3, 1953)
Gracie must testify against a bank robber (Sheldon Leonard); George plans to sing at a dinner for Ronald Reagan.

Gracie and George Locked Out of Their House

S03, E39  (First Aired: Aug. 10, 1953)
Gracie locks the Mortons -- and the Burnses -- out of their homes.

Gracie at Department Store

S03, E40  (First Aired: Aug. 17, 1953)
Gracie's fall in a department store leads to a misunderstanding.

Morton Buys Iron Deer; Gracie Thinks George Needs Glasses

S04, E01  (First Aired: Oct. 5, 1953)
Harry Morton buys an iron deer, thinking it will add dignity to his front lawn.

Gracie Helps Morton Get CPA Account

S04, E02  (First Aired: Oct. 12, 1953)
Gracie tries to convince one of Harry's clients that Harry is a playboy.

Gracie Gets a Jury Summons

S04, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 19, 1953)
George wants Gracie to get out of jury duty.

George Teaches Gracie Not to Be Careless

S04, E04  (First Aired: Oct. 26, 1953)
George's lecture to Gracie on the importance of safety only makes her think that he's angry with her.

Gracie Helps Mechanic With Girl Friend

S04, E16  (First Aired: Jan. 18, 1954)
Gracie tries to help an auto mechanic with his women troubles.

Gracie on Train; Murder

S03, E19  (First Aired: Feb. 12, 1953)
Gracie turns a quiet train upside down.

Gracie Discovers George's Secret Weakness

S04, E17  (First Aired: Jan. 25, 1954)
A magazine article prompts Gracie to try to uncover George's secret vice.

Blanche Wants New Car; Gracie Gets Von Zell a Wife

S03, E20  (First Aired: Feb. 19, 1953)
Harry Von Zell mistakenly tells Gracie that he could save on his income tax if he had a wife and three children.

George and Harry Morton Mad at Each Other

S04, E05  (First Aired: Nov. 2, 1953)
Gracie urges George to get mad at Harry Morton.

Gracie Getting a Business Manager; Roger

S04, E06  (First Aired: Nov. 9, 1953)
After George accuses her a spending too much money, Gracie visits a financial advisor.

Raccoon Coat Story

S04, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 16, 1953)
Gracie, a widow, and a treasured raccoon coat, spell trouble for Harry Von Zell.

Gracie Thinks Harry Von Zell Is Broke

S04, E08  (First Aired: Nov. 23, 1953)
A simple request by Harry Von Zell to borrow $50 convinces Gracie that he's broke.

Gracie Going to San Francisco

S04, E09  (First Aired: Nov. 30, 1953)
Gracie and Blanche's plan to visit San Franciso causes George and Harry to plan some harmless fun of their own.

Gracie Trades Home for Mountain Cabin

S04, E10  (First Aired: Dec. 7, 1953)
Gracie thinks George is planning to retire so she trades their home for a mountain cabin.

George & Gracie Going to Rose-Marie Premiere

S04, E11  (First Aired: Dec. 14, 1953)
As she's getting ready to attend a movie premiere with George, Gracie remembers that she gave the tickets away.

Jane (Wardrobe Woman) and Her Problem

S04, E12  (First Aired: Dec. 21, 1953)
When a wardrobe lady has a problem, Gracie tries to help her.

Gracie's Anniversary Present

S04, E13  (First Aired: Dec. 28, 1953)
Gracie thinks George is going to buy her a plane for their wedding anniversary.

Uncle Harvey's Invention

S04, E14  (First Aired: Jan. 4, 1954)
Gracie's Uncle Harvey invents a plant-food solution with an amazing effect.