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The Backyardigans
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Cast of 'The Backyardigans'

  • LaShawn Jefferies as Uniqua
  • Avion Baker as Uniqua (Singing Voice)
  • Jake Goldberg as Pablo
  • Sean Curley as Pablo (Singing Voice)
  • Chris Grant Jr. as Tyrone
  • Tyrel Jackson Williams as Tyrone (Singing Voice)
  • Gianna Bruzzese as Tasha
  • Gabriella Malek as Tasha (Singing Voice)
  • Jonah Bobo as Austin
  • Nicholas Barasch as Austin (Singing Voice)
  • Jamia Simone Nash as Uniqua (Singing Voice)
  • Zach Tyler Eisen as Pablo
  • Jordan Coleman as Tyrone
  • Reginald Davis Jr. as Tyrone
  • Corwin C. Tuggles as Tyrone (Singing Voice)
  • Leon G. Thomas III as Tyrone (Singing Voice)
  • Naelee Rae as Tasha
  • Kristin Klabunde as Tasha (Singing Voice)
  • Thomas Sharkey as Austin (Singing Voice)

The Backyardigans

Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin are five colorful animal pals with big imaginations. They team up to journey to imaginary places in their backyard. Episodes feature songs from different musical genres and dancing. Aimed at preschoolers, there are sing-along sheets available to download on the Internet.

Oct 11, 2004
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Episode Air Date Channel

Quest for the Flying Rock

S01, E11  (First Aired: Feb. 21, 2005)
Uniqua, Tasha, Tyrone and Pablo pretend to be explorers who must race one another to find a legendary flying rock.
  • Mon 5/21
  • 12:09PM-12:37PM
  • 123
  • Nick jr

The Big Dipper Diner

S04, E18  (First Aired: May. 3, 2010)
Uniqua and Pablo serve up goodies at the Big Dipper Diner.
  • Tue 5/22
  • 12:09PM-12:37PM
  • 123
  • Nick jr

Secret Mission

S01, E05  (First Aired: Oct. 14, 2004)
The gang pretends to be secret agents who are sneaking through the Treasure Museum.
  • Wed 5/23
  • 12:09PM-12:37PM
  • 123
  • Nick jr

News Flash!

S02, E21  (First Aired: Jan. 18, 2008)
Tyrone and Pablo are corn farmers who are determined to convince two news anchors that corn is newsworthy.
  • Thu 5/24
  • 12:09PM-12:37PM
  • 123
  • Nick jr

For the Love of Socks!

S04, E12  (First Aired: Mar. 4, 2010)
Tasha, Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone must save the sock factory.
  • Fri 5/25
  • 12:09PM-12:37PM
  • 123
  • Nick jr

A Giant Problem

S02, E20  (First Aired: Jan. 17, 2008)
Queen Uniqua summons two wizards-in-training to rid her kingdom of a friendly giant.
  • Mon 5/28
  • 12:09PM-12:37PM
  • 123
  • Nick jr

Pirate Treasure

S01, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 12, 2004)
The kids divide into two pirate teams in order to search for treasure.
  • Tue 5/29
  • 12:09PM-12:37PM
  • 123
  • Nick jr

Cops and Robots

S02, E11  (First Aired: Mar. 21, 2007)
Robots Tasha and Pablo threaten to reprogram all of the world's robots to be bad.
  • Wed 5/30
  • 12:09PM-12:37PM
  • 123
  • Nick jr

The Amazing Splashinis

S04, E20  (First Aired: May. 28, 2010)
The Sea Monster prevents the Amazing Splashinis from showing off their new trick.
  • Thu 5/31
  • 12:09PM-12:37PM
  • 123
  • Nick jr

Front Page News!

S03, E09  (First Aired: Jun. 27, 2008)
Tasha is a photographer and superhero who is trying to get a front page photo for the local newspaper.
  • Fri 6/1
  • 12:09PM-12:37PM
  • 123
  • Nick jr