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Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons

Wealthy, young-at-heart business owner Edward Stratton III is stunned to discover his brief marriage several years ago produced a son, Richard Bluedhorn-Stratton, now 12 and standing in Edward's living room, wanting to live with the father he never knew. Although Edward's first impulse is to send Ricky to boarding school, he soon relents and let his son move in with him and Kate, his love-struck secretary. Also on Edward's staff, at various times during the series, are Leonard Rollins, his lawyer, and his peevish business manager, Dexter Roosevelt Stuffins, whose nephew, Alfonso, eventually appears on the scene and becomes Ricky's new best friend.

Sep 25, 1982
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S01, E17  (First Aired: Feb. 5, 1983)
Without permission, Ricky pledges a sizable cash donation from Edward to finance his school orchestra's field trip.

Junior Businessman

S01, E18  (First Aired: Feb. 12, 1983)
Edward lets Ricky try his hand at managing an ice cream parlor.

Three's a Crowd

S01, E19  (First Aired: Feb. 19, 1983)
Ricky is afraid he'll feel left out on a skiing trip with his father when Kate unexpectedly joins them.

The Empire Strikes Out

S01, E20  (First Aired: Feb. 26, 1983)
Grandfather Stratton is determined to drive Kate out and make way for a ``proper'' marriage for Edward.

Boys Will Be Boys

S01, E02  (First Aired: Oct. 2, 1982)
Ricky is convinced his father doesn't love him because he doesn't punish him.

Won't You Go Home, Bob Danish?

S01, E21  (First Aired: Mar. 5, 1983)
A man from Kate's past intentionally crashes his plane on the grounds of the estate in order to impress her.

The `X' Team

S01, E22  (First Aired: Apr. 30, 1983)
Kate catches Ricky and his pals watching an X-rated movie on television.

Passports to Pleasure

S02, E01  (First Aired: Oct. 15, 1983)
Derek and Ricky hope to pick up some older girls at a Badger Patrol convention.

Attack of the Giant Frog People

S02, E02  (First Aired: Oct. 22, 1983)
A practical joke at a slumber party may cost Ricky his friendship with Freddy.

A Fair to Remember

S02, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 29, 1983)
Ricky's classroom escapades end in a lecture from Edward. Guest: Fern Fitzgerald.

Takin' a Chance on Love

S01, E05  (First Aired: Oct. 23, 1982)
Edward gives Ricky some advice on handling women that turns the once-shy Ricky into a smooth-talking Romeo.

No Episode Title

(First Aired: Sep. 25, 1982)
A childish man and his mature young son learn from each other.