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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Spellman is a teenager with magical powers who comes from a long line of witches. Until going away to college, she lived with her wacky aunts, who would teach her to use her witchcraft wisely, and Salem, the talking black cat, who always has a scheme up his paw. As a high-school student, Sabrina is less judicious about using her powers than when she enters adulthood. The series is based on a 1960s comic-book series of the same name and an animated TV series that originally aired in the 1970s.

Sep 20, 1996
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Prelude to a Kiss

S04, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 5, 1999)
Sabrina can't make up her mind between Harvey's big game and helping Josh study; Hilda and Zelda hire pirates to clean house.

Aging, Not So Gracefully

S04, E08  (First Aired: Nov. 12, 1999)
Sabrina uses an aging lotion to appear more sophisticated, which she thinks will impress Josh; Salem falls in love.

Sabrina's New Roommate

S05, E13  (First Aired: Jan. 26, 2001)
Zelda (Beth Broderick) becomes a party animal after moving in with Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) and her college roommates.

Making the Grade

S05, E14  (First Aired: Feb. 2, 2001)
Sabrina writes an article for the school paper exposing the preferential treatment given to athletes.

Love Is a Many Complicated Thing

S05, E15  (First Aired: Feb. 9, 2001)
Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) agrees to a double date on Valentine's Day with Josh and Morgan (David Lascher, Elisa Donovan).

Sabrina, the Muse

S05, E16  (First Aired: Feb. 16, 2001)
Sabrina is flattered when her new boyfriend writes music about his feelings for her.

Beach Blanket Bizarro

S05, E17  (First Aired: Feb. 23, 2001)
Teen idol Frankie Avalon puts a squeaky-clean spell on Sabrina's spring break; Aaron Carter fronts a beach band.

Witchright Hall

S05, E18  (First Aired: Apr. 6, 2001)
Sabrina tries to convince the witching school Witchright Hall to admit her rebellious cousin (Emily Hart).

Sabrina, the Activist

S05, E19  (First Aired: Apr. 27, 2001)
Depressed by her heavy course load and a failed romance, Sabrina tries to perk up by crusading to save a historic building.

Do You See What I See?

S05, E20  (First Aired: May. 4, 2001)
Miles considers giving up the paranormal trade after his otherworldly stories are met with skepticism.

Sabrina's Got Spirit

S05, E21  (First Aired: May. 11, 2001)
Sabrina tries to hamper Miles and a ghost hunter he hires to uncover paranormal activity in the house.


S05, E22  (First Aired: May. 18, 2001)
Sparks fly between Sabrina and Josh (Melissa Joan Hart, David Lascher) at the coffeehouse while the pop group Eden's Crush (guest starring as themselves) performs.

Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry

S04, E09  (First Aired: Nov. 19, 1999)
Sabrina tries to eliminate from her past the fateful kiss from Josh that ruined her relationship with Harvey.

Ice Station Sabrina

S04, E10  (First Aired: Nov. 21, 1999)
Sabrina is trapped in a snowstorm with Harvey and Brad, but can't use her magical powers to save them.

Really Big Season Opener

S06, E01  (First Aired: Oct. 5, 2001)
Sabrina agrees to produce her roommate's student horror film.

Sabrina's Date With Destiny

S06, E02  (First Aired: Oct. 12, 2001)
When Josh accepts a job in Prague, Sabrina summons Destiny (Brian McFayden) to reveal her future if she chooses to move with Josh.

What's News

S06, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 19, 2001)
Sabrina is shocked to discover Morgan's new beau is her first love, Harvey; Josh lands a job as a photojournalist.

Murder on the Halloween Express

S06, E04  (First Aired: Oct. 26, 2001)
On Halloween, a murder-mystery train transports passengers back in time as characters in a real murder mystery.

The Gift of Gab

S06, E05  (First Aired: Nov. 2, 2001)
Sabrina and Roxie get their own college radio show; an otherworldly dog tries to drive Salem out of the house.

Thin Ice

S06, E06  (First Aired: Nov. 9, 2001)
Sabrina faces the wrath of Zeus (Dion Anderson) when she uses her power to help her ex-boyfriend (Nate Richert).

Hex, Lies and No Video Tape

S06, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 16, 2001)
Sabrina creates a sticky situation at the newspaper when she weaves a tangled web of white lies about her relationship with Josh.

Humble Pie

S06, E08  (First Aired: Dec. 7, 2001)
Sabrina and the others band together to help Morgan financially after her family cuts her off, but then Morgan refuses to get a job to pay her friends back.

A Birthday Witch

S06, E09  (First Aired: Jan. 11, 2002)
A terrifying witch (Barbara Eden) from another realm visits on Sabrina's birthday; Roxie's ex-boyfriend surprises her with a performance by his brothers (singing group Hanson).

Deliver Us From E-Mail

S06, E10  (First Aired: Jan. 18, 2002)
Sabrina's evil twin, Katrina, wreaks havoc by e-mailing a supernatural virus that turns Sabrina into a dumbbell.