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Don't be ridiculous! When it comes to Internet videos run amok, however, the more zany, unbelievable and downright dangerous the clips are, the greater the chance they'll be shown on this series. It features amateur viral videos being critiqued by MTV personality Rob Dyrdek (``Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory''), who knows a thing or two about pushing the envelope from his pro skateboarding days. With commentary from Sterling ``Steelo'' Brim and Chanel (the rapping receptionist from ``Fantasy Factory''), Dyrdek breaks down the clips by putting them in such categories as ``Hot Mess,'' ``Worst Case Scenario,'' ``Redneck Good Times'' and ``What Happened Last Night.'' It's sure to be seriously ridiculous.

Aug 29, 2011
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Episode Air Date Channel

Grossest Episode Ever

S09, E22  (First Aired: May. 12, 2017)
``A... Masters''; ``Boogie Knights''; ``Mother Birding.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 1:30AM-2:00AM
  • MTV

Chanel and Sterling XLV

S09, E14  (First Aired: Mar. 17, 2017)
Chanel and Sterling; ``Lawn Warriors''; ``Speak Your Mind''; ``Furry Fury.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 2:00AM-2:30AM
  • MTV

Teyana Taylor

S09, E11  (First Aired: Feb. 24, 2017)
Teyana Taylor; ``Kid Nappers''; ``Birthday Assassins''; ``Lust Bubble.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 2:30AM-3:00AM
  • MTV

Chanel and Sterling XLVI

S09, E16  (First Aired: Mar. 31, 2017)
Chanel and Sterling; ``Street Meat''; ``Sliter Sisters''; ``Slinkies.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • MTV

Summer Vacation

S09, E25  (First Aired: Jun. 15, 2017)
Celebrating summer vacation; ``Sand Blasted''; ``Painland''; ``The Bang Gang.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 3:30AM-4:00AM
  • MTV

Vic Mensa

S09, E15  (First Aired: Mar. 24, 2017)
Vic Mensa; ``Still Alive''; ``Save More Money''; ``A Lot Going On.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 4:00AM-4:30AM
  • MTV

Chanel and Sterling XLVII

S09, E18  (First Aired: Apr. 14, 2017)
Chanel and Sterling; ``Lake Painatonka''; ``Grabbies''; ``Effed From Behind.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 4:30AM-5:00AM
  • MTV

Steve Wilkos

S09, E08  (First Aired: Feb. 10, 2017)
Steve Wilkos; ``Surprise T...''; ``Stevecurity''; ``Highest Rated Category Ever.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 5:00AM-5:30AM
  • MTV

Jolene Van Vugt

S08, E29  (First Aired: Sep. 27, 2016)
Stunt person and ``Nitro Circus'' star Jolene Van Vugt; ``Smash Happy''; ``Right Place, Right Monkey.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 5:30AM-6:00AM
  • MTV

Dillon Francis

S08, E23  (First Aired: Sep. 6, 2016)
Artist Dillon Francis; ``Wack Smack''; ``They Did It Right.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 6:00AM-6:30AM
  • MTV

Chanel and Sterling XXXI

S08, E14  (First Aired: Aug. 12, 2016)
Chanel and Sterling; ``Flame Dumb''; ``Snatch Masters''; ``Goooooooddddd Boooooooyyyyy.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 6:30AM-7:00AM
  • MTV

Marcus Lemonis

S08, E06  (First Aired: Jul. 21, 2016)
Marcus Lemonis; ``Lemonis Face''; ``People, Process, Pain''; ``They Do Exist.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 7:00AM-7:30AM
  • MTV

Leona Lewis

S08, E05  (First Aired: Jul. 21, 2016)
Singer Leona Lewis; ``Aisle Trolls''; ``Speaking Leonese.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 7:30AM-8:00AM
  • MTV

Eric Andre II

S08, E02  (First Aired: Jul. 7, 2016)
Comic Eric Andre; ``Power Dicks''; ``Unexpected Mouth Mates.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 8:00AM-8:30AM
  • MTV

Zara Larsson

S07, E30  (First Aired: Jun. 30, 2016)
Singer Zara Larsson; ``Beast Catching''; ``Beyonce Tears''; ``Worstest Love of All.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 8:30AM-9:00AM
  • MTV

Rae Sremmurd

S07, E31  (First Aired: Jun. 30, 2016)
Hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd; ``Sremmlife''; ``Worse Than It Looks''; ``Come Get Her.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 9:00AM-9:30AM
  • MTV

Sam Sadler

S07, E26  (First Aired: Jun. 16, 2016)
YouTuber Sam Sadler; ``Pins and Needles''; ``Scared Forever.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 9:30AM-10:00AM
  • MTV


S07, E17  (First Aired: Feb. 18, 2016)
Diplo; ``Peacekeepers''; ``Mad Indecent Block Parties.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 10:00AM-10:30AM
  • MTV

French Montana

S05, E12  (First Aired: Sep. 25, 2014)
French Montana; ``Smack and Cheese''; ``Gas Assassins''; ``Beast Friends Forever.''
  • Sun 7/30
  • 10:30AM-11:00AM
  • MTV