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Pearlie: Episode Guide

Episode First Aired  
S01, E26 Jingle Bell Park; Starlight Spectacular 1/31/2011
Jingle Bell Park; Super Sized Elf 1/01/2011
Jingle Bell Park 12/19/2010
Fairy Factor; Rollerfairy 11/20/2010
S01, E25 Hideous Halloween; Super Sized Elf 10/31/2010
Dot Between the Eyes; No Swimming Allowed 10/30/2010
If the Boot Fits; Flower Talk 10/23/2010
Fairy-Tastic Fall; Secrets and Whispers 10/09/2010
S01, E24 Rose Petal Pearlie; Come Fly With Me 5/05/2010
S01, E23 Socks in the City; Possumbilities 4/08/2010
S01, E22 Ludwig in the Wild; The Big Sneeze 4/07/2010
S01, E21 Mother Magic; Buckin Bronco 4/06/2010
S01, E20 Spriteful; Love Bites 4/05/2010
S01, E19 Sterling Effort; Elf Prankin 4/01/2010
S01, E18 Fairy Godmother Bother; Go Go Gobsmack 3/31/2010
S01, E17 Bongo Boys; Prickly Friends 3/30/2010
S01, E16 Rollerfairy; Fairy Factor 3/29/2010
S01, E15 Hide and Go Eek!; Dust Busters 12/26/2009
S01, E14 Twinkle Twinkle Diva Star; Secrets & Whispers 12/19/2009
S01, E13 Rat-Tanic; No Swimming Allowed 12/12/2009
S01, E12 Dream On; No Place Like Gnome 12/05/2009
S01, E11 Fairytastic Fall; The Fern Turns 11/28/2009
S01, E10 Ant Misbehavin'; Frilled Neck & Neck 11/21/2009
S01, E09 The Big Doll; Are You Being Served? 11/14/2009
S01, E08 Dragonball Run; The Bitey Beatdown 11/07/2009
S01, E07 Dot Between the Eyes; Ratopia 10/31/2009
S01, E06 Whiter Shade of Pale; Flower Talk 10/24/2009
S01, E05 A Boot Fits; Peruvian Toadstool 10/17/2009
S01, E05 If the Boot Fits; Peruvian Toadstool 10/17/2009
S01, E04 Tooth Affair-y; Trick in the Stick 10/10/2009
Hurly Burly 10/03/2009
S01, E03 Hurly Burly; Dude Ranch 10/03/2009
S01, E02 Dial a Dilemma; Throwing Down 9/20/2009
S01, E01 Moth Balls; Snip and Snit 9/19/2009