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Dick Loudon and wife Joanna relocate from New York City to a small town in Vermont, where they run the historic Stafford Inn. They're surrounded by a town full of oddballs and colorful characters, whom Loudon deals with in various states of bemusement.

Oct 25, 1982
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Support Your Local Shifflet

S06, E12  (First Aired: Dec. 14, 1987)
The town's police officer threatens to go on strike when his request for a pay raise is denied.

Shall We Gather at the River?

S01, E04  (First Aired: Nov. 15, 1982)
During the River Day Festival, Joanna falls through the ice, causing her to subsequently blame Dick for everything wrong in her life.

My Three Dads

S06, E13  (First Aired: Jan. 4, 1988)
Larry, Darryl and Darryl surprise everyone when they adopt a child.

This Probably Is Condemned

S01, E05  (First Aired: Nov. 22, 1982)
Dick and Joanna set out to keep Kirk's cafe from being condemned.

A Friendship That Will Last a Lunchtime

S06, E14  (First Aired: Jan. 11, 1988)
Dick's (Bob Newhart) former TV co-host, Buffy Denver (Julie Brown), visits the inn and makes fast friends with Stephanie (Julia Duffy).

Animal Attractions

S02, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 31, 1983)
George brings home a stray dog, named Lucky. Stephanie's husband arrives in Vermont, demanding answers as to why she left.

No Tigers at the Circus

S01, E06  (First Aired: Nov. 29, 1982)
Dick is depressed when he finds out the inn isn't considered a historic landmark.

Presence of Malice

S06, E15  (First Aired: Jan. 18, 1988)
Dick (Bob Newhart) decides to confront a local television critic (Roderick Cook) who penned a scathing review of Dick's program.

The Perfect Match

S01, E07  (First Aired: Dec. 6, 1982)
Leslie's high school sweetheart arrives in town to propose marriage to her, much to Kirk's chagrin.

Would You Buy a Used Car From This Handyman?

S06, E16  (First Aired: Feb. 1, 1988)
George wants to leave his job at the inn to work as a used-car salesman.

Some Are Born Writers ... Others Have Writers Thrust Upon Them

S01, E08  (First Aired: Dec. 13, 1982)
Dick doesn't realize the trouble that will arise when he agrees to help a struggling writer.

Attention WPIV Shoppers

S06, E18  (First Aired: Feb. 15, 1988)
Michael (Peter Scolari) tries to convince Dick (Bob Newhart) to co-host a home-shopping show with Stephanie (Julia Duffy).

The Senator's Wife Was Indiscreet

S01, E10  (First Aired: Dec. 27, 1982)
Joanna and Dick wind up in the middle of a feud between a senator and his wife.

The Big Uneasy

S06, E19  (First Aired: Feb. 22, 1988)
While at a convention, Michael gets an unbelievable proposition from a woman who is interested in Dick's show.

Sprained Dreams

S01, E11  (First Aired: Jan. 3, 1983)
Leslie gets more than she bargained for when she gives Dick a skiing lesson.

Draw Partner

S06, E20  (First Aired: Mar. 7, 1988)
Dick's (Bob Newhart) patience is tested when an illustrator (guest star Eileen Brennan) arrives to help him with his new book.

The Stratford Wives

S02, E04  (First Aired: Nov. 7, 1983)
Joanna is thrilled when she and Dick are invited to a potluck dinner, until she finds out there's a catch.

The Way We Thought We Were

S01, E12  (First Aired: Jan. 10, 1983)
George's only true love re-enters his life. Guest star: Rue McClanahan.

No Episode Title

(First Aired: Oct. 25, 1982)
A writer moves to Vermont with his wife and renovates an inn.