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My Two Dads

Joey and Michael, who fought over the same woman 13 years ago now have, upon her death, been awarded joint custody of her daughter - who might be either of theirs. So how do the men settle their problems? With a paternity test? No way. Instead, they all move in together to raise Nicole as a two-dad nuclear family. Under the watchful eye of the family court judge, dads and daughter adjust to their new situation.

Sep 20, 1987
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Bye, Bye Baby

S03, E14  (First Aired: Jan. 21, 1990)
Joey learns his girlfriend (Jamie Rose) is moving away.

Environ-Mental Case

S03, E15  (First Aired: Mar. 5, 1990)
Joey is arrested for protesting environmental pollution.


S01, E01  (First Aired: Sep. 20, 1987)
A former girlfriend's will entrusts two bachelors with custody of her 12-year-old daughter.

Joey's Mother-In-Law

S01, E13  (First Aired: Jan. 10, 1988)
Michael's mother (Polly Bergen) pays a visit and her overbearing personality soon has the house in turmoil. With Dick Butkus and Vonni Ribisi.

Quality Time

S01, E10  (First Aired: Dec. 6, 1987)
Michael (Paul Reiser) feels his career is keeping him from being a better parent to Nicole (Staci Keanan).

SoHo's By You

S01, E02  (First Aired: Sep. 27, 1987)
Nicole (Stacy Keanan) vows to take matters into her own hands when Michael and Joey (Paul Reiser, Greg Evigan) can't agree on a place to live.

Nicole's First Date

S01, E04  (First Aired: Oct. 18, 1987)
Joey and Michael (Greg Evigan, Paul Reiser) console Nicole (Staci Keanan) after she is stood up by her first date.

Artful Dodger

S01, E09  (First Aired: Nov. 29, 1987)
Nicole (Staci Keanan) gets upset when Joey (Greg Evigan) takes her art teacher on a date. Guest star: Dick Butkus.

Once a Son...

S01, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 8, 1987)
Joey is challenged by his father to sell a painting, or start working in the family plumbing business.

Fallen Idol

S02, E05  (First Aired: Feb. 15, 1989)
A burned-out rock 'n' roll legend (Davy Jones) visits Joey (Greg Evigan). Peter Noone also guest stars.

Who's on First?

S02, E02  (First Aired: Jan. 18, 1989)
Michael and Joey (Paul Reiser, Greg Evigan) prepare for father-daughter talks by taking a sexuality awareness seminar.

The Man in the Pink Slip

S02, E04  (First Aired: Feb. 8, 1989)
Joey (Greg Evigan) becomes the breadwinner when Michael (Paul Reiser) is laid off. With Florence Stanley.

Story With a Twist

S02, E06  (First Aired: Feb. 22, 1989)
Michael and Joey (Paul Reiser, Greg Evigan) try to show Nicole (Staci Keanan) the dangers of alcohol. With Florence Stanley.

Macho Stupid Guy Time

S02, E03  (First Aired: Feb. 1, 1989)
Michael and Joey vie to see who can date a woman (Morgan Fairchild) first.

That's No Lady, That's My Mother

S03, E01  (First Aired: Sep. 24, 1989)
Nicole (Staci Keanan) learns that Michael's (Paul Reiser) new love is her boyfriend's mother (Bonnie Burroughs).

Love and Learn

S03, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 15, 1989)
Nicole (Staci Keanan) falls for a college man who believes she is older than her 15 years. With Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan.

You Can Count on Me

S03, E04  (First Aired: Oct. 22, 1989)
The dads (Paul Reiser, Greg Evigan) are nervous about Nicole's (Staci Keanan) desire to follow Shelby's (Amy Hathaway) ambitious lead in the field of love.


S03, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 5, 1989)
Nicole's (Staci Keanan) indecision before a ``ladies' choice'' dance leaves her without a date. Guest stars: Vonni Ribisi, Chad Allen.

Bye, Bye Baby

S03, E14  (First Aired: Jan. 21, 1990)
Joey learns his girlfriend (Jamie Rose) is moving away.

Party, Sweet Sixteen; See Appendix

S03, E16  (First Aired: Mar. 12, 1990)
Appendicitis cancels Nicole's ``sweet 16'' party.

It's My Art, and I'll Die If I Want To

S03, E17  (First Aired: Mar. 19, 1990)
Art collectors are chomping at the bit after Joey's (Greg Evigan) obituary is mistakenly printed. With Paul Reiser.

To Thine Own Elf Be True

S03, E18  (First Aired: Mar. 26, 1990)
Joey's childhood sweetheart falls for Michael.