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Murphy Brown

Murphy Brown is the star reporter of ``FYI,'' a newsmagazine series. Murphy is sarcastic, ambitious, often self-involved and bossy -- but she is also dedicated and ethical. She and her co-workers -- including Frank and Corky -- are often at one another's throats, even though they care about one another. The comedy series tackles some serious topics, including Murphy being a single mother and being treated for breast cancer. As 24-hour cable news, social media and an increasingly chaotic and divided political climate change the journalistic landscape, Murphy and her team rise to the challenge, working to draw the line between good television and honest reporting.

Nov 14, 1988
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All Upcoming Times for Murphy Brown

Episode Air Date Channel

The Last Laugh

S03, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 12, 1990)
Jim goes into hiding after losing control on the air.
  • Sat 7/21
  • 5:00PM-5:30PM

Rootless People

S03, E08  (First Aired: Nov. 19, 1990)
Hostage Murphy's pleas for help are taken as a joke.
  • Sun 7/22
  • 5:00PM-5:30PM

Anything but Cured

S06, E21  (First Aired: Mar. 14, 1994)
A psychologist tells Frank he no longer needs therapy; guest Marcia Wallace.
  • Mon 7/23
  • 11:00PM-11:30PM

The Brothers Silverberg

S02, E01  (First Aired: Sep. 18, 1989)
Miles' brother romances Murphy.
  • Tue 7/24
  • 11:00PM-11:30PM

It's Just Like Riding a Bike

S06, E23  (First Aired: May. 2, 1994)
Peter Hunt (Scott Bakula) returns to town.
  • Wed 7/25
  • 11:00PM-11:30PM

My Movie With Louis

S06, E24  (First Aired: May. 9, 1994)
A director (Louis Malle) invites Murphy to appear in his film; guest Garry Marshall.
  • Thu 7/26
  • 11:00PM-11:30PM

... The More Things Stay the Same

S06, E25  (First Aired: May. 16, 1994)
Contract renegotiations mar the 500th broadcast.
  • Fri 7/27
  • 11:00PM-11:30PM

The Bummer of 42

S03, E09  (First Aired: Nov. 26, 1990)
Frank hires an actress to be Murphy's sister for her 42nd birthday.
  • Sat 7/28
  • 5:00PM-5:30PM

Trouble in Sherwood-Forest

S03, E10  (First Aired: Dec. 10, 1990)
Feigning togetherness, Will and Corky throw a dinner party.
  • Sun 7/29
  • 5:00PM-5:30PM

Brown vs. the Board of Education

S07, E01  (First Aired: Sep. 19, 1994)
Murphy throws board members a lavish party to get Avery into a prestigious preschool.
  • Mon 7/30
  • 11:00PM-11:30PM

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

S07, E02  (First Aired: Sep. 26, 1994)
``FYI'' is caught in the media circus of a high-profile murder.
  • Tue 7/31
  • 11:00PM-11:30PM

Loose Affiliations

S07, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 3, 1994)
Murphy's criticism of the network hits the papers; guest Garry Marshall.
  • Wed 8/1
  • 11:00PM-11:30PM

Be Careful What You Wish For

S07, E04  (First Aired: Oct. 10, 1994)
Corky's tough interview earns respect from peers and disdain from viewers.
  • Thu 8/2
  • 11:00PM-11:30PM

Burger, She Wrote

S07, E05  (First Aired: Oct. 17, 1994)
Murphy seeks the party who stole her prized statue.
  • Fri 8/3
  • 11:00PM-11:30PM

Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell, Jingle All the Way

S03, E11  (First Aired: Dec. 17, 1990)
Murphy causes a last-minute Christmas gift-buying frenzy.
  • Sat 8/4
  • 5:00PM-5:30PM