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Bell MTS - Digital (r3c0c4)

Knight Squad: Episode Guide

Episode First Aired  
End of Knight, Part II 12/12/2018
End of Knight, Part I 12/11/2018
Little Knight Lies 11/03/2018
A Knight in the Night 10/26/2018
Fright Knight 10/20/2018
Fight for Your Knight to Party 10/06/2018
A Total Knightmare 9/29/2018
Take Me Home to Knight 9/22/2018
A Thief in the Knight 6/16/2018
A Thief in the Knight, Part 2 6/16/2018
A Thief in the Knight, Part 1 6/16/2018
Working on the Knight Moves 6/09/2018
Wish I May, Wish I Knight 5/25/2018
Do the Knight Thing 4/14/2018
Parent Teacher Knight 4/07/2018
A Knight's Tail 3/31/2018
Tonight, Two Knight 3/24/2018
The Dork Knight Returns 3/17/2018
One Magical Knight 3/10/2018
Knight in Shining Armor Day 3/03/2018
A Knight at the Roxbury 2/24/2018
No title for this episode 2/20/2018
Opening Knight 2/20/2018