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I Dream of Jeannie

Rescued from a bottle (and a deserted island) by a U.S. astronaut, a scantily clad genie named Jeannie becomes his slave and eventually falls in love with him. But unlike most genie stories, there are no three wishes rule - so Jeannie uses her magic all the time, often without talking to her rescuer about it first.

Sep 15, 1965
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Jeannie Goes to Honolulu

S03, E14  (First Aired: Dec. 26, 1967)
Tony lies to Jeannie about going to the North Pole for survival training, but instead goes to Hawaii.

The Battle of Waikiki

S03, E15  (First Aired: Jan. 2, 1968)
Jeannie blinks up King Kamehameha, who decides to retake Hawaii.

The Richest Astronaut in the Whole Wide World

S01, E17  (First Aired: Jan. 15, 1966)
Roger inadvertently summons Jeannie and becomes her new master. Overwhelmed with the power at his disposal, he takes advantage of her magical abilities.

Jeannie at the Piano

S05, E01  (First Aired: Sep. 16, 1969)
Jeannie casts a spell on the piano in the Cocoa Beach officer's club, making Tony appear to be a musical virtuoso when he sits down to play.

Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie?

S03, E16  (First Aired: Jan. 16, 1968)
Jeannie is accidentally locked in a safe destined for the moon.

Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie?

S03, E17  (First Aired: Jan. 23, 1968)
Locked in a safe bound for the moon, Jeannie has many narrow escapes.

Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie?

S03, E18  (First Aired: Jan. 30, 1968)
Jeannie's sister makes a play for Tony while Jeannie is locked in a safe.

Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie?

S03, E19  (First Aired: Feb. 6, 1968)
Tony panics because Jeannie will belong to whoever frees her from the safe.

Please Don't Feed the Astronauts

S03, E20  (First Aired: Feb. 13, 1968)
Commander Porter asks Tony and Roger to spend five days living off berries and bugs.

My Master, the Ghost Breaker

S03, E21  (First Aired: Feb. 20, 1968)
Tony inherits a haunted English castle; Jennie, Roger and Tony go check it out.

Divorce, Genie Style

S03, E22  (First Aired: Feb. 27, 1968)
Jeannie decides to play housekeeper for a week without magic.

My Double-Crossing Master

S03, E23  (First Aired: Mar. 5, 1968)
Tony poses as a dashing Britisher to prove that Jeannie is faithful.

Have You Ever Had a Genie Hate You?

S03, E24  (First Aired: Mar. 12, 1968)
Jeannie's wicked sister, Jeannie II tricks her into hating Tony.

Operation: First Couple on the Moon

S03, E25  (First Aired: Mar. 19, 1968)
Jeannie is upset Tony must spend three month on the moon with a beautiful doctor.

Is There an Extra Jeannie in the House?

S01, E18  (First Aired: Jan. 22, 1966)
Roger gets in a jam and needs Jeannie's help to get him out of it.

Djinn Djinn, the Pied Piper

S05, E02  (First Aired: Sep. 23, 1969)
Djinn Djinn, Jeannie's dog causes chaos and organizes an escape from the pound.