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Good Times

Florida and James Evans struggle to raise their kids - irrepressible artist JJ, voice-of-reason Thelma, and politically active Michael - in a Chicago housing project. They have help from wisecracking neighbors, buffoonish building superintendents and friends.

Feb 01, 1974
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The Windfall

S02, E12  (First Aired: Dec. 3, 1974)
James is not convinced that honesty is the best policy when all he gets for a good deed is obscene phone calls.

The Hustle

S04, E14  (First Aired: Jan. 12, 1977)
J.J., Thelma and Michael get involved in selling what people think is ``hot'' underwear.

Sometimes There's No Bottom in the Bottle

S02, E13  (First Aired: Dec. 10, 1974)
Thelma catches her cousin nipping at the family liquor supply.

Florida Gets a Job

S06, E05  (First Aired: Oct. 7, 1978)
J.J. could have the answer to Florida's need to find work for herself.

Stomach Mumps

S06, E06  (First Aired: Oct. 14, 1978)
Willona makes an effort to protect Penny from learning the facts of life.

Thelma's African Romance

S04, E15  (First Aired: Jan. 19, 1977)
Thelma enjoys a romantic relationship with an African student.

Florida's Big Gig

S02, E14  (First Aired: Dec. 31, 1974)
James is sure that the new job he has been promised is the answer to the family's troubles.

Thelma's African Romance

S04, E16  (First Aired: Jan. 19, 1977)
Thelma plans to move in with her African boyfriend despite Florida's objections.

Florida Goes to School

S02, E15  (First Aired: Jan. 7, 1975)
Florida's dream of finally getting her high-school diploma is clouded by James' opposition to the idea.

Willona's Surprise

S04, E17  (First Aired: Jan. 26, 1977)
Willona discovers the surprise guest at her birthday party is her ex-husband.

The Nude

S02, E16  (First Aired: Jan. 14, 1975)
Florida and James are torn between letting J.J. do a portrait and their misgivings about the prospective model.

A Friend in Need

S04, E18  (First Aired: Feb. 2, 1977)
J.J., Thelma and Michael throw a wild party while Florida is gone for the weekend.

The Family Business

S02, E17  (First Aired: Jan. 21, 1975)
The Evans family risks eviction to open a fix-it shop in their apartment.

A Stormy Relationship

S04, E19  (First Aired: Feb. 9, 1977)
Florida hits the ceiling when Michael announces that his new boss has converted him to atheism.

The Debutante Ball

S02, E18  (First Aired: Feb. 4, 1975)
J.J. finds out that his date has snobbish parents that disapprove of him.

J.J. the Teacher

S06, E07  (First Aired: Oct. 21, 1978)
J.J. tries his hand at giving art lessons, with unexpected results.

Michael's Decision

S06, E08  (First Aired: Nov. 8, 1978)
Michael stuns the family with his decision to move out of the house.

Florida and Carl

S04, E20  (First Aired: Feb. 23, 1977)
Florida's reluctance to go out on a date proves to be justified when her special evening seems headed for disaster.

The Dinner Party

S02, E19  (First Aired: Feb. 11, 1975)
The Evanses are afraid they may be eating dog food when an elderly neighbor brings the main course for dinner.

My Son, the Father

S04, E21  (First Aired: Mar. 2, 1977)
Michael's secret plan with Carl changes J.J.'s attitude about his whole family.

The Houseguest

S02, E20  (First Aired: Feb. 18, 1975)
James suspects that there's more than meets the eye when an old friend pays a visit.

J.J. in Business

S04, E22  (First Aired: Mar. 9, 1977)
J.J. and his friends decide to start a greeting-card business together.

My Girl Henrietta

S02, E21  (First Aired: Feb. 25, 1975)
J.J. announces that his immediate future could include matrimony.

Love Has a Spot on His Lung

S04, E23  (First Aired: Mar. 23, 1977)
Carl tells J.J., Thelma and Michael that he is going to propose to Florida.