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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

This popular animated series from the mid-1980s tells the saga of a fearless, globe-trotting special missions force -- called G.I. Joe -- which works to combat Cobra, an organization with an evil commander bent on world domination. On land, on sea, and in the air -- whenever trouble breaks out around the world, G.I. Joe is there, ready to battle for ideals that America values.

Sep 12, 1983
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Episode Air Date Channel

Cobra's Candidate

S03, E20  (First Aired: Oct. 11, 1985)
Drednoks gangs are causing upheaval in order to throw the election for a candidate who wants to clean up the city.
  • Mon 6/26
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

Money to Burn

S03, E21  (First Aired: Oct. 14, 1985)
Cobra uses a molecular regenerator to disintegrate the U.S. currency and replace it with his own.
  • Tue 6/27
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

Operation Mind Menace

S03, E22  (First Aired: Oct. 15, 1985)
Cobra kidnaps people with paranormal powers to use against the Joes.
  • Wed 6/28
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

The Battle for the Train of Gold

S03, E23  (First Aired: Oct. 16, 1985)
Cobra attacks the U.S. Treasury's printing plant.
  • Thu 6/29
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

Cobra Sound Waves

S03, E24  (First Aired: Oct. 17, 1985)
The Joe team runs afoul of Cobra's Sonic Scrambler.
  • Fri 6/30
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

The Gamesmaster

S03, E26  (First Aired: Oct. 21, 1985)
A demented genius kidnaps Flint, Lady Jaye, Cobra Commander and the Baroness, forcing them to work together to gain their freedom.
  • Sun 7/2
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

Lasers In the Night

S03, E27  (First Aired: Oct. 22, 1985)
The Joe's teach a student and Cobra what teamwork is really about.
  • Mon 7/3
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

The Germ

S03, E28  (First Aired: Oct. 23, 1985)
Airtight and the Joe's must battle a giant germ before it causes mayhem.
  • Tue 7/4
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

The Viper Is Coming

S03, E29  (First Aired: Oct. 24, 1985)
After receiving a mysterious telephone call about ``The Viper'', the Joe's try to find out who is responsible for the message.
  • Wed 7/5
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

Spell of the Siren

S03, E30  (First Aired: Oct. 25, 1985)
The Baroness uses mind control on all the males on the Joe and Cobra teams.
  • Thu 7/6
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

Cobra Quake

S03, E31  (First Aired: Oct. 28, 1985)
Cobra plans to destroy Tokyo with an earthquake.
  • Fri 7/7
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC

The Cobra Strikes

S01, E01  (First Aired: Sep. 12, 1983)
When Cobra develops the ultimate weapon and uses it to steal a military satellite, G.I. Joe is called into action.
  • Sun 7/9
  • 3:00AM-3:30AM
  • DFC