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Dr. John Becker is easily annoyed -- by noisy neighbors, a ridiculous comment, a flickering streetlight, the antics of his misfit staff members. He's a talented and dedicated doctor and goes the extra mile for those in need, but he doesn't waste a chance to give anyone a piece of his mind.

Nov 02, 1998
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Elder Hostile

S03, E16  (First Aired: Feb. 26, 2001)
Becker kicks himself for helping out Jake by treating his persnickety grandmother when her doctor dies.

Shovel Off to Buffalo

S02, E06  (First Aired: Oct. 25, 1999)
Bad weather grounds Becker and Reggie's flight in Buffalo, N.Y., leaving the cantankerous duo with nothing to do but complain.

He Said, She Said

S02, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 1, 1999)
Becker receives phone calls from a woman he doesn't know, then ends up meeting her only to be shocked by a secret she's been keeping.

Stumble in the Bronx

S02, E08  (First Aired: Nov. 8, 1999)
Becker won't listen to his doctor after he is accidentally shot during an argument between two motorists.

Hate Thy Neighbor

S02, E09  (First Aired: Nov. 15, 1999)
Becker is forced to stay at home and deal with his neighbors during his recuperation period; Margaret and Linda try to find a fill-in doctor.

The Ugly Truth

S03, E17  (First Aired: Mar. 5, 2001)
Reggie's psychology class experiment proves that Becker gives preferential treatment to his attractive female patients.

The More You Know

S03, E18  (First Aired: Mar. 19, 2001)
Becker discovers that, unbeknown to them, Reggie and Linda are dating the same man.

Pain in the Aspirin

S02, E10  (First Aired: Nov. 22, 1999)
Becker believes Elizabeth might be a dishonest doctor when she lies about having aspirin to stop his pain.

Blind Curve

S02, E11  (First Aired: Nov. 29, 1999)
Jake realizes that he can't forgive the man (Cress Williams) whose drunken driving cost him his eyesight.

Santa on Ice

S02, E12  (First Aired: Dec. 13, 1999)
Becker spends Christmas Eve at the morgue when he has to identify the body of a man who died in his office; Reggie prepares for her Christmas party.

The Hypocritic Oath

S02, E13  (First Aired: Jan. 10, 2000)
Margaret's day off wreaks havoc in the office when Becker and Linda are forced to do her job and theirs.

The Rumor

S02, E14  (First Aired: Jan. 17, 2000)
Dietary changes start runaway rumors that soon have the whole community believing that Becker is going to die.

You Say Gay Son, I Say Godson

S03, E19  (First Aired: Apr. 9, 2001)
While at dinner, Becker accidentally blurts out confidential information about his godson to the boy's father.