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Barney Miller

Barney Miller

The series focuses on life in Greenwich Village's 12th Precinct station house. Initially, it looks at Capt. Barney Miller and his work and home life, but it gradually becomes about the officers of the precinct, including always-on-the-verge-of-retirement Detective Fish.

Jan 23, 1975
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Dog Days

S05, E04  (First Aired: Sep. 28, 1978)
Frightened Wojo faces rabies injections after trying to break up a dog fighting ring; Barney has the blues about his impending separation.

The Baby Broker

S05, E05  (First Aired: Oct. 5, 1978)
Wojo uncovers an illegal adoption ring and Harris arrests a research professor on an obscenity charge.

The Sniper

S02, E16  (First Aired: Jan. 22, 1976)
Wojo is shot at by a sniper; Luger stops by the 12th to check on the sniper case; A con man is selling $3,500 charter flights to Saturn.

Fear of Flying

S02, E17  (First Aired: Jan. 29, 1976)
A man turns in an envelope with $3500; Wojo must face his fear of flying by escorting a bigamist prisoner on a flight to Cleveland.

Block Party

S02, E18  (First Aired: Feb. 12, 1976)
A battle of the sexes erupts when Manhattan South takes the credit after Wentworth subdues a would-be assassin.

Massage Parlor

S02, E19  (First Aired: Feb. 19, 1976)
The massage parlors lining Second Avenue rub the merchants the wrong way; The detectives arrest an mugger who's in her eighties.

The Psychiatrist

S02, E20  (First Aired: Feb. 26, 1976)
A police psychiatrist examines the squad; The psychiatrist recommends that Wojo have his gun taken away.

The Kid

S02, E21  (First Aired: Mar. 4, 1976)
Fish is attracted to a mugger's mother. A man who turned in $3,500 he found a few weeks ago and wants to claim.

The Mole

S02, E22  (First Aired: Mar. 18, 1976)
The Mole leads Harris and Wojo on a chase through the city sewer system. Fish considers an operation.


S03, E01  (First Aired: Sep. 23, 1976)
Wojo is alarmed to learn that New York City doesn't have an up-to-date emergency evacuation procedure.


S03, E02  (First Aired: Sep. 30, 1976)
Wojo brings in a sick perpetrator who collapses on the floor. The entire precinct is placed under quarantine, including a prostitute who gets friendly with Fish, Marty, Mr Driscoll, and Inspector Luger.


S03, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 7, 1976)
As the quarantine continues, Yemana and Harris uncover some insights into their feelings. Small pox or Chicken pox.

The Accusation

S05, E06  (First Aired: Oct. 12, 1978)
A lonely woman accuses Dietrich of making indecent advances; Yemena arrests a rabbi for running a gambling operation in his synagogue.

The Prisoner

S05, E07  (First Aired: Oct. 19, 1978)
A gun-toting parolee wants to return to prison claiming that the regimentation of penal life hasn't prepared him for the outside world.

The Election

S03, E05  (First Aired: Oct. 21, 1976)
A woman, being held from voting by her husband, throws a toilet seat into the street to get attention; a shoplifter gets escorted to vote by Wojo.


S03, E06  (First Aired: Oct. 28, 1976)
The usual loonies arrive during the full moon, including a man who swears he's turning into a werewolf.

Bus Stop

S03, E04  (First Aired: Oct. 14, 1976)
The squad investigates a hijacked bus that crashes in the neighborhood.

The Recluse

S03, E07  (First Aired: Nov. 11, 1976)
The detectives must arrest a 70-year-old recluse who hasn't left his apartment since World War II, after he refuses to do jury duty.


S03, E08  (First Aired: Nov. 18, 1976)
Wojo arrests a man for refusing to interfere when he witnessed a mugging in progress; Barney doesn't think a crime has been committed.

Power Failure

S03, E09  (First Aired: Dec. 9, 1976)
The precinct experiences a black out; Barney must deal with a woman psychiatrist and a man with a split personality.

Christmas Story

S03, E10  (First Aired: Dec. 23, 1976)
Fish dons a Santa Claus suit to catch a robber on Christmas Eve; Yemana romances a lovely mugging victim.


S03, E11  (First Aired: Dec. 30, 1976)
At the Twelfth when the detectives sample Wojo's girlfriend's brownies before anyone realizes that her recipe included an ample portion of hashish.