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Anger Management: Episode Guide

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Episode First Aired  
Charlie & the 100th Episode 12/22/2014
Charlie and the Sexy Swing Vote 12/22/2014
Charlie Gets Tied Up With a Catholic Girl 12/15/2014
Charlie and the Epic Relationship Fail 12/15/2014
Charlie Meets His Match 12/08/2014
Charlie's Living the Dream 12/08/2014
Charlie & the Return of the Danger Girl 12/01/2014
Charlie Gets in Bed With Jordan and Her Ex 12/01/2014
Charlie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Thanksgiving 11/24/2014
Charlie Rolls the Dice in Vegas 11/24/2014
Charlie and Lacey Go For Broke 11/17/2014
Charlie Gets Patrick High 11/17/2014
Charlie and the Houseful of Hookers 11/10/2014
Charlie and the Curse of the Flying Fist 11/10/2014
Charlie and the Revenge of the Hot Nerd 11/03/2014
Charlie Plays Hide and Go Cheat 11/03/2014
Charlie Pledges a Sorority Sister 9/08/2014
Charlie and the Case of the Curious Hottie 9/08/2014
Charlie and the Temper of Doom 9/01/2014
Charlie Gets Trashed 9/01/2014
Charlie Does Times With the Hot Warden 8/25/2014
Charlie and the Warden's Dirty Secret 8/25/2014
Charlie and the Psychic Therapist 8/18/2014
Charlie Gets Between Sean and Jordan 8/18/2014
Charlie and the Lap Dance of Doom 8/11/2014
Charlie Tests His Will Power 8/11/2014
Charlie and Sean's Twisted Sister 8/04/2014
Charlie Has a Threesome 8/04/2014
Charlie and the Mother of All Sessions 5/29/2014
Charlie, Lacey and the Dangerous Plumber 5/15/2014
Charlie Cops a Feel 5/08/2014
Charlie Screws a Prisoner's Girlfriend 5/01/2014
Charlie Spends the Night With Lacey 4/24/2014
Charlie Catches Jordan in the Act 4/17/2014
Charlie and the Re-Virginized Hooker 4/10/2014
Charlie and Jordan Go to Prison 4/03/2014
Charlie Gets Date Rated 3/27/2014
Charlie and His Probation Officer's Daughter 3/20/2014
Charlie and the Hot Latina 3/13/2014
Charlie and The Last Temptation of Eugenio 3/06/2014
Charlie and Sean Fight Over a Girl 2/27/2014
Charlie and the Twins 2/06/2014
Charlie Sets Jordan Up With a Serial Killer 1/30/2014
Charlie and the Pajama Intervention 1/23/2014
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