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All in the Family

``All in the Family'' is touted as the series that brought reality to prime-time TV entertainment. The lead character, Archie Bunker, is a loudmouthed, uneducated bigot who believes in every stereotype he has ever heard. His wife, Edith, is sweet but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. They and their daughter, Gloria, and her husband, Mike, all live in a working-class home. Unfortunately for Archie, he can't avoid the people he disdains: His son-in-law -- whom Archie calls ``Meathead'' -- is an unemployed student and of Polish descent; the Jeffersons next door are black; Edith's cousin Maude is a feminist; and, later, his partners in a local tavern are Jewish.

Jan 12, 1971
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Edith Gets Fired

S09, E21  (First Aired: Feb. 25, 1979)
Edith is blamed with negligence when she is the last person to be with a lady who wanted to die.

The Family Next Door

S09, E25  (First Aired: Mar. 11, 1979)
Edith's efforts to rent out the Jeffersons' old house result in new neighbors whom she adores but Archie abhors.

The Return of Stephanie's Father

S09, E26  (First Aired: Mar. 25, 1979)
Archie and Edith are devastated when Stephanie's dysfunctional father Floyd returns and demands $1000 if they want to keep Stephanie. Archie becomes convinced that Floyd is bluffing and refuses to give in to the demand, despite Edith's pleadings.

Too Good Edith

S09, E27  (First Aired: Apr. 8, 1979)
Archie keeps Edith so busy that she doesn't get the chance to tell him that work is hazardous to her health.

Meet the Bunkers

S01, E01  (First Aired: Jan. 12, 1971)
Edith manages to drag Archie to church on their anniversary while Gloria and Mike try to whip up a party.

Writing the President

S01, E02  (First Aired: Jan. 19, 1971)
After learning that Mike has written a letter of criticism to President Nixon, Archie counters with a letter of praise.

Oh, My Aching Back

S01, E03  (First Aired: Jan. 26, 1971)
Archie tries to sue for whiplash after he is in a minor auto accident.

Archie Gives Blood

S01, E04  (First Aired: Feb. 2, 1971)
Mike shames Archie into being a blood donor, but Archie insists on knowing where the blood will be going.

Judging Books by Covers

S01, E05  (First Aired: Feb. 9, 1971)
Archie ridicules one of Mike and Gloria's friends for being gay.

Gloria's Pregnancy

S01, E06  (First Aired: Feb. 16, 1971)
Archie explodes when he finds out that Gloria is pregnant and Mike has no means of supporting the child.

Gloria's Shock

S05, E07  (First Aired: Oct. 26, 1974)
Gloria is in a state of shock after Mike unveils his plans for the Stivic family.

Archie and the Miracle

S05, E11  (First Aired: Nov. 23, 1974)
Impious Archie becomes religious after a close brush with death.

Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit

S01, E07  (First Aired: Feb. 23, 1971)
Archie objects to Mike's unmarried friends staying the night in the house.

Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood

S01, E08  (First Aired: Mar. 2, 1971)
Archie tries in vain to prevent a black family from moving into the neighborhood.

Edith Has Jury Duty

S01, E09  (First Aired: Mar. 9, 1971)
Edith accepts a call to jury duty and becomes the lone dissenting juror in a murder case.

Archie Is Worried About His Job

S01, E10  (First Aired: Mar. 16, 1971)
Archie keeps himself and the rest of the family up all night as he worries about possibly losing his job.

Gloria Discovers Women's Lib

S01, E11  (First Aired: Mar. 23, 1971)
Gloria moves out of the Bunker household as the result of an argument with Mike when she demands that he treat her as an equal.

Success Story

S01, E12  (First Aired: Mar. 30, 1971)
A friend of Archie's arrives from Beverly Hills, prompting Archie to organize a reunion of their Army buddies.

The First and Last Supper

S01, E13  (First Aired: Apr. 6, 1971)
Archie circulates a petition to keep more black families from moving into the area.

The Saga of Cousin Oscar

S02, E01  (First Aired: Sep. 18, 1971)
The Bunkers face a touchy and tragic situation when a visiting relative dies in their home.

Gloria Poses in the Nude

S02, E02  (First Aired: Sep. 25, 1971)
A highly respected abstract artist specializing in nudes asks Gloria to pose for him.

Archie in the Lock-Up

S02, E03  (First Aired: Oct. 2, 1971)
Mike and Lionel participate in a student protest, but it's Archie who winds up in jail.

George and Archie Make a Deal

S05, E12  (First Aired: Nov. 30, 1974)
George Jefferson uses Archie's signature to get on the ballot when he decides to run for a local political office.

Archie's Contract

S05, E13  (First Aired: Dec. 7, 1974)
A shady salesman hustles Archie into signing for costly aluminum siding to prevent heat loss.